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Every length of silk produced by Brilliant Silk/Flanders Fields Red Poppy is individually hand painted. No two pieces are the same. Depth, complexity, and texture are hallmarks of our colours. This ensures that each garment, scarf, or wrap is an original work of "Wearable Art".

Brilliant Silk uses a wide range of silk fabrics to create our unique range of garments and fashion accessories. Properties such as handle, drape, lustre, and ability to dye, etc. are considered carefully before we design a garment.

Light weight Pure Silk Habotai silk ideal for scarves and shawls. Its properties make it perfect to hand print and hand paint. The handle and drape of this fabric creates the perfect combination for this fashion accessory.

Silk Twill fabric colours beautifully and possesses structural stability.

Silk Crepe has the texture and drape to flatter the figure.

Colouration of our silk is achieved in several different stages:

Dyeing - The colours are hand mixed from acid and reactive dyes. Colour mixes are continually evolving. Dyes mixed from a number of base colours yield richer and more complex colour tones.

Layering - Occurs in the painting process so that the intermingling and overlapping of different colours create dramatic tonal effects.

Surface Effects - Texture, tonal variation, and patterning on the silk are achieved using the following techniques; salting, flecking with anti diffusants, forced air drying and water dappling. The silks are then steamed to enhance the brilliance of our colours and to make them colourfast

Brilliant Silk has created this range of hand printed and hand painted silk scarves and shawls inspired by the Red Poppies of Flanders Fields. This range consists of long silk scarves, elegant large shawls and dramatic large square scarves.

The range was conceived by Anne Chapple of ANZAC Cottage in Perth and designed by Jack Brilliant of Brilliant Silk and artist Julia Collinson.

These "Australian Made" beautiful silks are printed, painted, sewn and finished in the Brilliant Silk textile studio in Ulladulla on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

22 Coller Road

Ulladulla  NSW   2539

0244554055   office@brilliantsilk.com

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